Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Week 5 - Full Figure 2

I almost suspect everyone in my class is avoiding using the male ref where certain anatomy is visible, so I, wanting to dispel the trend, picked this one. Originally, I had the same qualms of feeling awkward, but I liked his pose and how the light hit his arms so strong.


Jeff Jackson said...

Hi Amy, these are looking better, is this course helping you? how goes the instruction?

Unknown said...

Yeah, it's helping me quite a bit. I had difficulty painting skin for quite a while, so having a class that focuses on that specifically is great. And I picked up a few new techniques :)

While it's online, Don gives us personal feedback for each week, and anyone can download it to hear what he has to say about someone else's work.

How have you been? Your latest photos of Kai are so cute <3 You were working on a book, right?

Kyle Van Meurs said...

Hey Amy, the skin tones are starting to look pretty nice!

I'm not sure if it's really something you are focusing on, but it'd be nice to have sharper edges on the forms :)

Unknown said...

Thanks! I use Gaussian blur and then leave it for the most part... which makes it too soft. But I'll make sharper edges.