Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Master Copy - Study of Mucha's Lefevre-Utile

It was a belated decision, but I finally signed up for a traditional painting class. As an artist, it is absurd that I never learned how to use real paint. I feel that I suffered being only a digital painter, although it's that skill that is making this class a little bit easier for me in terms of knowledge in color, composition and anatomy.

In the painting class I'm taking, we were allowed to choose a master painter to copy. I decided to pick Alphonse Mucha's Lefevre Utile (1903). I loved everything about this piece, from the beauty of his model, Sarah Bernhardt, to the details and rich color of the fabrics.

Today is the last day we are working on the master copy, but once it dries I plan on taking it home to finish. As a beginner in traditional paints, the amount of detail was overwhelming so I had to pick what was most important to work on.

This is purely for educational purposes, to study and improve my skills as an artist.



Good Blog . Keep going

Unknown said...

Thank you! Your words of encouragement are much appreciated. :)

Unknown said...

Soooooo Cool!